East Ridge High School
Class of 1982
Stephanie Pfitzer (Bumgarner)
Quips, Quotes and Funnies!
I so remember Len Steel and Stanley Sachs going to the rolling stones concert and not telling their parents. I thought that was so rebellious and just crazy! I remember marching in the band, I remember football games wishing I were cool enough to be a cheerleader but realizing I could not ever be coordinated enough, and our flag core days. However, running cross country for the high school was probably one of my most favorite memories. I made such great friendships. I loved how the guys would encourage the girls and vice versa when we were running around and around and around that hot track. Also all those runs down Ringgold Rd where we would often stop to get ice 's on the way home. I remember we tried to kick a can as a team for the entire six mile course we were assigned that day, then almost not being able to compete in the meet because we had bruised our toes so much.Our coaches were not happy with us, and were amazed at how stupid and childish that was. However, it was the little stupid childish things I remember the most that helped my team become endearing to me!!! I remember our sweet FCA group and meeting to clean up the football stadium on the mornings after a football game. I remember kissing Greg Hudgins at the christmas dance (only because mistle toe was held over my head) but thinking I was the luckiest girl on the entire planet. High School seems like a lifetime ago, but I felt blessed and lucky to have been in a place that was so fun.
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